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Buzzfeed was first to report the romance rumors surrounding the acting duo, who also happen to play brother and sister on the HBO hit. bants," she wrote (in case you, too, are confused, bants is a shortening of the word "banter," according to Urban Dictionary).

While there's no official confirmation that the 17-year-old actor and his 15-year-old co-star have a budding romance, a quick peek at their social media accounts will reveal that the two spend Most recently, Chapman posted a pic in which the two are cuddling up together, simply captioning the shot with an angel emoji. Oh, and did we mention the rumored real-life couple also plays the children of brother and sister Cersei and Jaime Lannister?

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Valletta has even received the stamp of approval from Shay's loved ones. Everyone's happy for her." Shortly after Scheana and Mike, whose battle with drug addiction played out on , went their separate ways, she sat down exclusively with E!The source discloses to us, "Her friends and family really like him! News to discuss the fallout of her highly-publicized break up and her hopes for finding love in the future. I could say in three months," she responded when asked about her return to the dating scene."I don't know."So even though I understand there are people who think I should have done it sooner, it wasn't right for me at the time. Listen, there's nothing wrong with finding love on the set of a TV show or movie — lots of stars have done it, whether it was with another actor, a producer or director, or even a member of the crew — but there are a handful of celebrities who seem to date people they've worked with on screen.Stars in the Sky Stars in the Sky was formed in 2005.

The dating service caters for those with learning difficulties and was founded by Lolita Jones and Pauline Geipel.

In 2011, People reported Song was engaged to Trace Cyrus, who is the brother of Miley Cyrus.

star, who split from husband Mike Shay in November, is dating actor Robert Valletta. News exclusively Scheana and Robert have been friends for a decade and "supported each other through the years," but it wasn't until about a month and a half ago that things took a romantic turn.

The pair also frequently spends time outside of work with fellow co-star Isaac Hempstead Wright, even taking a camping trip together over the weekend.

After the speculation began making headlines, co-star Maisie Williams weighed in on the romance rumors.

I feel differently all the time but I'm definitely open to finding love again," Scheana continued, later adding, "I hope by the end of this year, I end it the happiest I've ever been.