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She taught physical education and health classes during her two-year stay at the school.One of her strongest players was Theresa Shank (who would go on to a coaching career that earned her a spot in the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame).

Shank was a six-foot center, who started the same year as Rush. In their ninth game, Shank and Maureen Mooney didn't show up.

They didn't have a charter bus, or even a school bus, so the players drove themselves to games. When they didn't arrive for warm ups, Rush was initially angry, but as time passed, she became concerned.

The Immaculata team won their first three games, and in the final game, faced Rush's alma mater, West Chester State.

That game wasn't close, with West Chester State winning by 32 points 70–38.

Just before the start of the game, the two arrived, announcing they had been in an auto accident.

Mooney was shaken up, but Shank broke her collarbone.The teacher started a gymnastics team, and Rush thew herself into gymnastics.She was appointed team captain, and specialized in the trampoline.When she reached eighth grade, Rush began playing basketball in the Six-on-six basketball style.Her scoring average was 30 points per game, which earned her the nickname "Big Gun", and she helped earn a position at the county tournament.She was out for the season, and the team went 2–2 for their remaining four games.