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He also will be on probation for five years and will have to register as a sex offender.

If he violates probation, Cooper said he would face a 16-year prison sentence.

Meadows’ attorney, Edward Mc Tigue, noted that the videos were not disseminated beyond Meadows’ cellphone. Mc Tigue also said in court that Meadows has “mental health issues.” He declined to elaborate further afterwards. Meadows is handcuffed and escorted from the courtroom after his sentence is read at the Hamilton County Courthouse in downtown Cincinnati on Tuesday, Sept. Meadows, a former University of Cincinnati professor, was sentenced after pleading guilty to voyeurism and child porn charges.

During the sentencing, Meadows, who earned his doctorate in physics from Oxford University in the U. As he read, a woman sitting on a courtroom bench with Meadows’ family and friends sobbed.“I’m profoundly embarrassed and thoroughly humiliated,” Meadows said.

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