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Reluctant to talk about online video games or hard-core pornography, I soon realised I’d have to use a certain amount of artistic licence if I was to persuade any girls to stick my name in the ‘likey’ column and secure myself a date.

At first I lied in a conscious and responsible manner, but very soon I simply forgot that I was lying, and let Mr Hyde take the reins for the rest of the evening. Consecutive tables were placed well within earshot of one another, and in most cases this prevented me from recycling ‘spontaneous’ jokes and other canned material.

It’s a great way to meet new people, even if I did come away without any digits, as well as (most importantly) being an economical way to get smashed.

An exciting twist this year is that aspects of Tinder will be used within the speed dates.To bring speed dating into the 21st Century, RAG are taking inspiration from the famous dating app. Depending on who you are chatting to, this can feel like an instant or an eternity.In the lead up to the big night, the committee have also been posting daily video dating profiles which showcase some of the guys and girls attending the night.Seven have been posted so far with another seven to go.To solve this, RAG has introduced a ‘super-like’ system.

If you and a certain someone are really hitting it off and you think it’s love at first sight, you can move to your own private table so that you’re not constrained by the time limit.Yet with only two minutes of conversation per interaction I figured I probably wouldn’t have to tell too many lies in order to come across as a fun, datable guy.Unfortunately my ‘no lies’ plan was shelved early on when my first date inquired about my hobbies.Last week, I caught up with Babcock to discuss the process of hiring Justin Fuente, the decision to retain Bud Foster as defensive coordinator and the challenges of working as an athletic director during a time where every decision is scrutinized and publicized. But I certainly wanted to make sure we were respectful to Coach Beamer and we didn’t do anything on that front until we were sure of his retirement. He’s been the agent for other people that I know and also helps out Buzz Williams. The most important thing we wanted to do was show respect to Coach Beamer.Odds are you'll have one or more matches (more than two-thirds of Pre Daters match at least one person).