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The Leighton-Linslade homeless charity said it had been taking in slaves who had escaped from the site since 2007, and had reported each incident.Officers discovered that the traumatised victims were housed in cramped, leaking, smelly sheds and horse boxes shared by up to 11 men.The man said: ‘He pulled up in the car and said “What have you been doing?

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(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Film Magic) As the White House has pointed out, Common is known for being a "socially conscious" rapper.

He rose to prominence in the mid-nineties for bringing African-American culture and minimalist beats into the mainstream's collective awareness.

Details of the Connors case emerged after 250 officers from Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Police raided Greenacres Caravan Park in Little Billington, near Leighton Buzzard, in September 2011, after six weeks of surveillance.

After the raid, police faced questions as to why they did not act sooner.

Sentencing them at Luton Crown Court, Judge Michael Kay QC said: 'The way they brutally manipulated and exploited men is pure evil.

It is at odds with the moral code of the religion they profess to hold.In regards to self-expression, how is writing music different than acting? First of all, when I'm acting, I really go into that person. It's harder for me as an actor to do a lot of other things when I'm doing a role.It's easy for me when doing an album to go write a children's book, to go do speaking engagements and do these other things.When asked by the police about the scale of the operation, he told them he saw ‘no end’ of slaves coming through the site over the years.He was moved across Britain and Europe, working long hours for the travellers’ block-paving and scrap metal businesses. And that’s putting it mildly.’During his enslavement he fell through a roof and broke his ankle.Playing on his vulnerability, James John Connors lured the man back to the camp with offers of food, drink and tobacco. The travellers refused to let him go to hospital, instead giving him strong painkillers to mask the pain.