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It's one of the things that comes with it—the tabloid stuff.

To be very honest, I'm very hesitant to believe any of it. We're dealing with it just like everybody else does."But, she added, "Tabloids pay thousands of dollars for stories. When you pick up those sort of magazines, is it believable? People are being paid to talk.""I don't know that we're in the same place anymore, that we want the same thing," Kate also told at the time.

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The show focused on the Huxtable family, an upper-middle class family living in a brownstone in Brooklyn Heights, New York, at 10 Stigwood Avenue.

The patriarch was the very playful, humorous, and fun-loving Heathcliff "Cliff" Huxtable, an obstetrician.

The reality TV star may have been talking about her physical appearance at the time, but she has said that she doesn't recognize anything about the person she was 10 years ago, when—initially just to create a better life for their eight children—she and then-husband Jon Gosselinsigned on to do a whole series revolving around their family for TLC.

Usually the more outwardly likable of the two parents, thanks in part to the editing and in part to Kate's severity, and sometimes playing the uncredited role of Child No. The show was a huge hit for, first Discovery Health, which aired the show's first two seasons in 2007, and then TLC, which took over in January 2008.

"I always thought I'd be, like, 54-years-old and marry a 19-year-old or something," he said. "People see your life as episodes and you see it as a date on the calendar. If I go out, people know I go out and photograph it and do everything they gotta do... I can't be Jon, I have to be ' reported on May 5 the story that would make the cover of its latest issue: Jon Gosselin had been having an affair for three months with a grade-school teacher named Deanna Hummel.

(Like, for real, he was quoted as saying that.)Kate told the magazine that, even though fame had its drawbacks, she "wouldn't return to those days" before their sextuplets were born. It's the best thing and it's the hardest thing I think that's ever happened, just our show in general," Kate said in the episode. Prior to the tawdry revelation, the had reported that Gosselin was seen kissing a woman who wasn't his wife outside a local hotel.Ensuing episodes continued the "Kate and Jon go it alone" theme.Despite the record viewership for their separation episode, it was clear that people had Gosselin scandal fatigue by August, and their Aug.10 episode attracted only 3.4 million viewers, with 3 million returning for the Aug. (Still more than glorious But while many had soured on the show, the Gosselin divorce didn't stop the flood of stories about Jon's surprisingly eventful love life, extramarital and otherwise—and people were still eating those up.In August 2009, Jon denied that he dated Kate Major, who had claimed to have had a relationship with Jon (and would later marry Michael Lohan) after meeting him while on assignment for ."Hailey" being Hailey Glassman, the daughter of the plastic surgeon who gave Kate Gosselin a tummy tuck."I have always done everything I can to protect our family.