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Yes, but it’s like dance, and I grew up taking ballet. I function really well within the parameters of discipline and knowing what to do. I was working in Milan as a model, and this girl got very aggressive with me at a bar. They’ll say, ' We’re ready for you, Charlize,' and I’m like, ' I’m going to be right there!

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So, it is cathartic to play a character who is evil. There’s a part of me that wants to understand that darkness, but I can’t really understand it. , in theaters July 28, Theron displays her suave spy talents as Lorraine Broughton, an undercover MI6 agent who is sent to Berlin in 1989, five days before the Wall falls. And because it was Teri Hatcher, who was a star, and I was this bleached-blonde-Amazonian, catsuit-wearing nobody who was punching her in the face, I was like a wild animal. But other than Teri Hatcher, I had only connected my fist with a girl’s face once in my entire life, so I had to do a lot of training for this film. My body just took over, and I thought, I didn’t just do that, did I? With Lorraine, we talked a lot about, ‘What would it be like if a girl was really fighting these big guys? He designed the fights around what my strengths would be. As Lorraine, Theron is an exhilarating mix of icy beauty, alluring mystery, in-your-face sexuality, and fierce, fearless fighting skills. Back then I didn’t know how to hone in my energy and I was knocking over lights. ’ David Leitch was so specific about knowing that a girl would never punch with her wrist, or her wrist would break. And we made sure that we showed the impact of the hits that she took. There were no significant changes in his life style, interpersonal conflict or family stresses.” After his disappearance, friends and family members came forward to described Zaharie as an affable, helpful family man who enjoyed making instructional You Tube videos for home murderer.

The newly unveiled documents, however, suggest Malaysian officials have suppressed at least one key piece of incriminating information.Like Bond, she is wounded, emotionally and physically. “I remember it was day two, my body was hurting, and my face was all bruised up, and my eye was swollen shut,” Theron said in an interview with , did you think about James Bond at all? The “Factual Information” report states, “The Captain’s ability to handle stress at work and home was good.There was no known history of apathy, anxiety, or irritability. [Laughs] Look, I’ve always been fascinated by abhorrent behavior.