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” These are all valuable questions that seem to arise somewhat naturally when engaging in this exercise.

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That mutual nervous and excited energy is a sign that there’s some chemistry there.Think of it from the other side: Whenever you see an attractive woman and you feel like she might be interested in you or at least curious about you, aren’t you a little more attracted to her?So in thinking about how I could improve my seduction skills, I really wanted to challenge myself to see how I could be better equipped to deal with I have never done well with dealing with awkward people; mirror neurons are some powerful things, and when you can clearly tell that someone is made somewhat (or fully) uncomfortable by one’s presence, no matter how socially adept you may be, it definitely starts to make you somewhat uncomfortable as well.But some awkward girls are attractive, smart, and genuinely nice people.Don’t you actually become more comfortable and relaxed?

When you see there’s some kind of connection, excitement starts building. We would probably be a tenth as populated right now. Going into the year, I knew that one of my greatest challenges was dealing with a certain type of girl. So even if your year only saw two girls, and even if you may have done nothing but make out with them, still, think about how you changed and grew because of these situations.She sees you like her, and without you having to play any games, you’ve swept her into wondering what is going to happen next.When she can see you having an Attraction Moment or two, she can easily become bolder in showing her attraction towards you.As social creatures, we relax and open up more around people who like us, even in platonic situations.