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I mean, I’ve fantasized about mind control for years, but I always thought it would just be that. I have a meeting in thirty minutes, but I want you to write to me and tell me exactly what you experienced. From the way you followed it up with the hypnotic imagery, I thought it might be a trigger or something. :) ) Anyhow, I’ve taken up too much of your time already, so I’m going to let you go until Wednesday..not before.Be a good boy and send me some amusement for when I get out of my meeting! ;) Wow, it’s been really hard not to message you before now!

Hi, I’m going to be attending Knotty Con this year (after many years of looking longingly at the website), but I’m going by myself, and I have no idea what I should be doing with my time!Is there anyone who can take pity on me and take me under their wing to show me the ropes (no pun intended)? Coffee’s over there, with attendant stuff to spike it if that’s your thing. I only really learned that I had a submissive streak about seven or eight months ago, and while my girlfriend and I played around with a few things, I didn’t get much of a chance to learn what I liked and didn’t like before the relationship ended.She’s dreamed for ages about being hypnotized into recruiting other people for her Mistress, controlling their minds while knowing that she was only doing so because her own mind was so deeply controlled that it overwhelmed her own submissive tendencies.Seriously, she’s squirming right now just remembering it.) I didn’t know about that bit, but we had talked (both with each other and with Lady Win-Now-Will) about the possibility of play, and I was okay with that.(Which is what you were saying in the recording, but I was kind of losing track of that a little by then. :) And then I just kept hearing you talk about my hands moving on their own, and they just moved straight down to my cock and.. It’s like I’m feeling it all over again, in my head as I type this. (It’s always important that you feel safe, deep down. But here’s what I want you to do: Decide if you want to play, read my profile, and if you still want to play listen to that file no fewer than six times between now and Wednesday. Yeah, that does suck, but it sucks less if I know that you think it sucks too, if you know what I mean. It was probably a good thing you specified “safe opportunity”, there; my room-mate knocked on my door while I was still reading your message, and the “safe opportunity” reminder was about the only thing that kept me from telling him to sod off and then masturbating very quietly. Because You’re telling me that she’s shy when she’s out of hypnosis but OK with it deep down, and she’s sending me messages when she’s under (well, either that or she’s got horrible spelling) that she’s telling me not to respond to...

I thought you said there were no post-hypnotic suggestions in there? Try this: Use an editing software and cut out the first ten minutes—that’s the induction part. If there’s something your deepest self doesn’t feel comfortable with, you know you’ll tell me.) If you’re still not feeling safe, by the way, feel free to ask in public for references for me... Oh, I wasn’t seriously suggesting you’d put in post-hypnotic suggestions. Waiting two whole months for this con is going to be pretty hard..I’m pretty hard myself, thankyouverymuch. :) I know you probably won’t see this until after you get back, but I’m already feeling like this is something I want to continue. :) Anyhow, we wound up going to a movie and then meeting the gang for a quick drink before I had to go to work (I didn’t actually drink, because, well.. And maybe I’ve just read one too many stroke stories about hypnosis, but... I’m so happy with you, sinking so deep and doing so well..didn’t take long at all, did it? you want to be even more obedient, because obedience is pleasure and you want more pleasure. And now you’re locked in on the screen, locked in on My words as they scroll down..down..down the page..My voice is slipping into your ears, programming you, making you so helpless..Me, pet, what will you do when you see My lights? you know, now, deep down in the special place in your heart that wants to obey Me, that whenever you see My lights, even when another of My pets shows them to you, that you will sink deep and know that it is for Me. Watch the “Play Party” boards for my party invites!

Spiralling round, and round, until the idea of clicking on that link and listening to that file is so close you can’t see anything else around it, and once it’s the only thing you can think of, then you just have to listen, don’t you? I never thought just listening to someone’s voice would have that kind of effect on me! Because if it was, it was really pretty.) I have to say, I’m almost pinching myself, here.

(OK, so technically that’s a bit of a post-hyp, but don’t worry, my unscrupulous streak is firmly under control. It seems hard to believe that this is really happening to me. And yes, you are the little hypnotoy I thought you were.

I’m 33, male, and submissive, but not very experienced in the kink scene. I’m sure you can find people around here willing to pop your cherry... We did some role-play, some spanking, but that’s as far as it went. OK, see, the thing is, you DO know what your interests are.

I mean, be a kind and totally altruistic guide to your first con. What kinds of things can I expect to see at the con? They’re the things that send cold or hot shivers down your spine.

you get one for registering, you can buy more, and every time you do something you haven’t done before, you can give the person doing it a cherry. And here, I just thought you were teasing the new guy. 1) Hope that cherries aren’t too expensive, and get ready to buy them by the bucketload. 3) Pretend I’m way more experienced than I really am, and hope they mistake my squeals of “Oh, God, where are you sticking that? (((kitten))) Are you going to come and nap in my lap again, after playing with the nice sparkly dangly watch? Every time you write down the memories of the trance, it’ll be just like you’re experiencing it all over again. So the dream-me was sort of dreaming too, lost in the cloud-imagery and picturing it. ;) I didn’t realize you lived so close to shylittlekitten. I’ve just spent a few minutes chatting with her, and she says that if you’re still worried, you can send her PMs, so long as you open the message with the phrase, “Kitten has milky eyes.” She won’t consciously remember anything after that phrase in the PM, but she’ll read it and respond, so you can negotiate your comfort levels that way. I’ll be posting a play-by-play of the event afterwards, for the curious. ;) ;) ;) Okay, folks, as promised, here’s the story of my meeting with shylittlekitten!