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Watch video part 3 Transformation of old patterns is mandatory to become god consciousness; to open oneself to love without receiving anything from outside; the transformation can also attract new partners; to become tired of suffering; to empower others by empowering oneself; in openness everything transforms into light; the masculine exists to claim everything from the feminine; the feminine does not love men but pure consciousness; to destroy each other as separate individuals in a partnership; vehicle for the higher light you know you are; through openness you become the display of love; if you choose truth, the real you can flow; sexual energy comprises the whole creativity of creation; the sexual flow enables the melting into all; sexuality is pure creative energy; melting can happen without contact of the bodies; sexuality comprises the total form and the formless; to participate in a partnership from a place outside the universe; to enter into god consciousness; to deepen into finer and finer realities; true Tantra is about opening more and more and going deeper and deeper. Love makes you radically new; transcending who we believe we are; not being afraid of doing anything love wants; evolution of deeper aspects of ourselves; challenging fixed perceptions of present societies; creating men and women not free; a new generation of god embodied, heart embodied beings; dissolving all distractions in the fullest love; lifting up into new, higher structures; sex is the refusal to give everything you are to the other; real love; freed consciousness; perceiving higher potentials; huge difference between sex and the making of love; Watch video part 3 Loving from the deepest place; integration of source in body, mind and intellect; experience makes consciousness or love; bodies as instruments of divine love; expressing our unity; new educational systems; manifestation of enlightened societies; need to live it individually; acting what the seed is speaking to you; watering the seed through all of your lives; the loud noise of egoity; offering the small seed to everyone; your sole mate is god and truth in this moment; attraction is about destroying each other; knowing yourself more as love itself, the feminine as the whole of existence; poem; the place of deep mystery; giving yourself selflessly to form; consciousness experience me; free of ego and conditioning in the selfless light of ourselves; need of breakdowns; recognizing the deep in all things; live for the light; give it your life; there is no other; poem; coming out on the other side new.

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Forget about all of those shady hardcore clips where you can barely see the babe's face and get ready to step into the future with some of the best high definition porn videos out there.Content that finally matches today's standards in terms of quality and internet speed while delivering one of the most satisfying experiences of them all.Watch video part 2 The responsibility to your own heart, evolution and love; you are the consciousness that created the universe; recognize the smallest amount of love at any moment and let it fully in to you and it will poor into everything; the purpose of embodiment is to give to the whole universe; the man Bernie Prior is the face of being and he is the instrument of the eternal to evolve consciousness and human being ever higher; the first cause principle, the real self is emerging in you; it becomes too painful to be not real; it requires a very, very devoted committed individual to live the real self; we are all responsible for how the universe manifests as our life on earth; recognize your innermost nature and love it; be easy with it, because it is serving a beautiful purpose; if you allow it, it is burning through the distraction of the past; no need to finish suffering; give yourself to the self and this is a great honouring for the people around you who belong to the same self.Watch video part 3 We learnt as little children to close ourselves to experiences we did not want to make; understand ourselves with honesty but without blame; we must come to understanding ourselves; we have to learn to embrace the totality of life; we need to be vulnerable to be whole; we know this place, but we lost it when we came into the body and created a separate sense of self; we must always be connected with the innermost in order it to unfold; everyone’s life is a microcosm of the macrocosm; we are not just singular human beings; the same consciousness in yourself that is creating forms here; the seeds of reality are constantly being fed down to us to create the capacity to know ourselves on finer levels of being; and to bring that power into manifestation; we can move in this world impersonally but as love; meet that true self in each and every individual; bring that opportunity about - individually and collectively; we have living awareness, living love; it must start with me and we must not expect it from others; the tenuous global situation is a door to another place; just see it as a door to another place and go through that door. Life is a continued movement of experiences, an unfolding, through the polarities of the masculine and feminine, through mind or matter and expression.It happens in the individual and is mirrored by the whole of humanity.

More light of the One arising within the earth plane – more light shows us our shadows.

When heart and mind are free, a live passion moves. It is natural and spontaneous, flowing from the Absolute into creation, creating completely from freedom.

Everything touched comes directly alive as our pure consciousness.

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This Satsang with Bernie Prior was filmed by Devasetu in August 2010.

World chaos and fear are a sign that the One is coming.