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It's true--when buffed regulars see a shy, slightly bewildered, fat or old person come to their gym for the first time, they generally feel all warm and fuzzy about it.They think it's great that you're there and they admire your bravery.

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They like you to do this so they can make sure they don't accidentally kill you.3. Don't interrupt other exercisers in the middle of their attempts to bench press huge amounts of weight demanding they assist you.When using unfamiliar equipment that won't seem to budge, don't force or yank things around until you break them. As it happens, most gym rats are actually quite helpful.Don't jump on cardio equipment without knowing the rules. There may be sign-up boards of some sort, usually located somewhere inconspicuous so as to embarrass first-time visitors who don't know they exist.If a machine seems to be empty and you hop on without scouting this out first, you may get a rude tap on the shoulder and a curt request to remove yourself.Don't drop heavy weights from great heights or slam things around or make exaggerated grunting or screeching noises.

(Natural grunting and sighing and groaning is fine). Sometimes people who have headphones on do this blissfully unaware of how much it makes others want to toss barbells at their heads.6.In these gyms, asking to "work in" will be greeted with open hostility.Try to figure out which kind of gym you're in by watching the natives.8. If so, please read on for the Top Secrets to Not Looking Like a Total Ass Your First Time at the Gym. Depending on what options are nearby, there are all kinds of things you can play around with to keep you occupied. The whole idea may seem intimidating and fraught with opportunities for humiliation. Or maybe you Love the Gym but know someone else who could use some advice and encouragement. Here's why: because even though exercise is not generally "fun," at least not like sex or chocolate cake or winning the Lottery, at the gym it is often less awful than in some other places.And then, after a moment or two of warm fuzzies, they forget about you entirely because they have Miles to Run or Heavy Things To Lift.2. But the secret here is not just that people don't care what you look like naked. But you've probably heard that already and it doesn't help.