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The suit was filed last week on behalf of Joseph Manasse in Cook County Circuit Court under Illinois law.It alleges that managers falsely accused him of theft in order to fire him because they had problems with his HIV status.of discriminating against female employees in Illinois. The EEOC said the case began as an investigation of a woman's claim that she was fired for rebuffing a supervisor's sexual advances. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago on Friday upheld a judge's decision to let the claim of plantwide discrimination go forward.

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The complaint was initially brought by three former Abbott employees represented by Sprenger & Lang PLLC and Meites, Mulder, Burger & Mollica.

Attorney Steven Sprenger estimated that the number of former employees now eligible to participate in the suit may exceed 10,000.

The lawsuit asserted that Chicago taxpayers are harmed when unqualified workers, including people with criminal records, advance through the administration's ranks because of their political connections.

Source: Dan Rozek, Chicago Sun-Times Date: September 2, 2005 A Skokie [Illinois] man who grew so angry at his bosses that he spiked the company coffeemaker with toxic chemicals and urine was sentenced Thursday to three years in prison.

Source: Matt O'Connor, Chicago Tribune Date: August 12, 2005 The operators of 22 hair salons in the Chicago area barred Hispanic employees from speaking Spanish to one another even while on break, a federal lawsuit alleged Thursday.

The suit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission accused the owners of the stores of discriminating on the basis of national origin with their "English only" rule.

Partners are considered exempt from federal discrimination statutes because they are owners rather than employees.

Source: Michael Higgins, Chicago Tribune Date: January 11, 2006 In a legal victory for Illinois employers, a federal appeals court ruled that a state law passed in 2003 to protect striking workers is so "starkly incompatible" with federal labor law that it's unclear how any responsible legislature, or governor, could have approved it.

Contrary to popular belief, private companies in Illinois and in virtually every other state can fire workers for saying things that embarrass the company.

[His] theory is that his views on same-sex marriage constitute religious expression and thus are protected under federal civil rights laws.

The sharply worded opinion concerned an amendment to the state's Employment of Strikebreakers Act, which made it a crime for employers to use a day labor service or other temporary agency to replace striking workers.