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Thankfully I'm a pretty good judge of character though and sure enough someone brought your record to my attention.It's hilarious how you can't even keep track of the people you try to hook up with.

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HE IS NOT A REPEAT OFFENDER THE CHARGE WAS PRINTED TWICE ON HIS FILE AND THEN CORRECTED..HE SERVED HIS TIME AND HAS NOT RECEIVED ANY MORE CHARGES PRETTY REMARKABLE IF HE IS A BAD OFFENDERMANY GUYS CATCH THOIS CHARGE WHEN MOTHERS ALLOW THEIR OVERSEXED CHILDREN OUT OF THE HOUSE DRESSED AS GROWNUPS THE ONLY THING A MAN CAN DO IS AS FOR ID'S OF EVERYONE.AS FOR WHEN SCOTT WENT TO COURT THE VICTIMS MOTHER WOULD NOT ALLOW HER TO TESTIFY AS THEY BOTH KNEW THE TRUTH ABOUT HER DAUGHTER AND WANTED CHARGES DROPPED Wow you sure know how to paint a pretty picture..tell me this then, if his only crime was being such a caring citizen & allowing a runaway to "sleep on his floor"... Am I missing something or does everyone who lets an underage person stay at their house get thrown in jail for being a sex offender there? You are stating false statements, although i did go to jail.......people make mistakes but i am in no way a threat to anyone....11 years ago.........please move on with your miserable life..........

Thanks GOD that you found out about him when you did and that you got home safely after your dates, I just hope that you did not sleep with him or reveal too much personal info! I find it pretty entertaining that someone that lives in Arkansas would go out there way and try to make me out to be a threat.... Say what you want about be but all you are is a faceless person that constantly writes things about me on the net........dna tests proved he was not guilty but he should have known she was underage and made her leave. he is just a lonely indevidual that made a mistake for which he will pay the price for the rest of his life.but hopefully he will live a long productive happy life.This sicko really has no preference and is still very much a threat and predator. A simple search of his name under "offender search" at and note that this is only what he's faced charges for & been proven guilty of! the link to his SEXUAL OFFENDER rap sheet is posted above along with his lifestyle, not to mention he himself has clearly posted here & did not in any manner attempt to deny or even defend himself.. I have been defending myself for years now and i am over defending myself.....since you are talking to him then I suggest you ask him yourself, though all he's going to do is make himself out to be the victim and try feeding you a bunch of bull, see he can't deny it on here since it's public & he knows as well as the police do that he's guilty, but face to face he can and will lie his sorry ass off about it if you're naive enough to listen. You want to know more in depth then you can know..... It is a 1st degree misdameanor to harrass a person....I watched him go from woman to woman trying to be suave but no one would pay him any attention.