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I was talking to a gentleman with long experience in the law -- in pursuing and locking up criminals -- and I outlined the swim-meet situation to him, and he shook his head.

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Although (Rogers) had previously won Event 3 (the 200 Individual Medley), she was disqualified from that event as well. Sadly, we officials don’t get to choose which rules we want to enforce.

"I called the team’s coach into the pool office so that I could tell her of the disqualification in private, rather than on the deck. There’s simply no ambiguity in this one.” Cut and dried. For instance: how, exactly, did this matter come to light?

That was the rule, and according to the meet referee, Kate La Moreaux, herself once a coach of great note, there was no choice in the matter.

As she explained: “The meet committee, made up of coaches, referee and meet management were informed of the situation.

But, as Kate La Moreaux noted, the rules don’t permit such relaxation.

She explained in more detail: “I believe that at least one coach did bring it to the attention of the official who reported it to me, and frankly most coaches would check results once they were posted to figure out why ND went so much faster in the finals.

The key is that she can’t swim four (races) during prelims and then add a fifth event.

“It’s the coaches’ mistake, but no one seems to want to be too hard on the ND coaches, and I get it.

Yes, she was holding her hands to her head -- as though trying to ease the pain -- and I imagine there were tears.

And after she talked to her coach, she disappeared, presumably to the locker room.

I was struck by the sportsmanship of the sentiment.