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It could mean meeting on established dating sites such as or through online classifieds like Craigslist Egypt and El Waseet.

It could also mean meeting through online chat rooms like ICQ chat (yes, it still exists), or social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The day after it happened I was on the plane and started to get panic attacks.'I am quite a strong-minded person, but it has definitely hurt my trust in people.'People still tell me I'm beautiful.

She initially agreed, but later went back to the police and asked for them to look into the crime after encountering the man back at the hotel.'He walked past me smirking and I thought "there is no justice here" so I went back to the police,' she said.

'I couldn't believe he was still there.'Danielle claims they wrongly told her she should take it up with police back in the UK - something she later found out wasn't correct procedure.

Egypt's National Council for Women filed a complaint with the country's Supreme Council for Media Regulation and planned to raise the issue with the Attorney-General.

Mr al-Wahsh caused controversy last year after his televised debate over women's headwear with liberal Australian cleric Mostafa Rashid descended into violence.

Just days after an Egyptian lawyer advocated rape on Egyptian television, a female TV presenter has been jailed for three years after she appeared to cast single motherhood in a positive light.

On her show, Doaa Salah discussed ways of becoming pregnant outside a conventional husband-and-wife relationship.Ms Beavis-Smith had accepted a drink from a woman at the all-inclusive bar, which infuriated the girl's male partner who smashed a glass of rum and coke into her face.The fashion student was rushed to hospital where doctors patched up a deep cut - just millimetres from her left eye - with 27 stitches.After being taken to a private hospital for treatment, Danielle says she was told to pay £1,300 in medical costs.She said the police told her to drop the charges in return for the officers convincing the man involved - who was from the Czech Republic - to pay for her bills.Reasons for discretion about finding love on the internet include antisocial stigmas that surround online dating, as well as prevalent socio-cultural norms regarding dating.