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"Phillip then refused to answer, leaving the trio staring awkwardly at one another for a few seconds, before Kim went on to say: "I think I am a nice person.

"Clearly not impressed with such a question, Kim raged: "None of your business, how much are they paying you?

" as Phillip insisted: "I know Coleen and I think she won it because she's a nice person."Not ending things there, Kim added: "I'm not a diplomat like you, I have not got one second of my life for bull."As if the interview wasn't awkward enough, Kim then finished the chat by telling Phillip that "he should have had her there and stayed neutral in opinion," as Holly screamed: "Ok!

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She also said the student left her Post-it Notes with romantic messages.

She sent the student naked pictures, some graphic, which he shared with his friends.“You have got to be dumber than a box of rocks to share naked pictures with a 17-year-old boy,” Dr. Two students spotted the couple in her car in June, captured the scene on video and posted it on Twitter.

“I support my mother together with my sister and her kids, and my grandmother,” said Angel’s friend, Katrina, who has found himself the family’s bread winner at age 17.

Like his friends, he earns up to 200 dollars per month.

At the Florencio Urot National High School in Cebu, teacher Loreto Roca, has seen a number of his pupils drop out of class. A number of internet cafés have agreed to remove their private booths after one of these initiatives put pressure on them to do so.

UNICEF is also promoting a charter which lays down a code of conduct for internet cafes to follow to make them safer for children.Mickey Tiangco runs one such internet café on the outskirts of Manila.“Children have to be careful in meeting with strangers they meet in chat rooms,” he warned.– this time after a conversation with a couple who can orgasm for up to 18 hours.Melanie and Scott Mc Clure, from Texas, told Holly and Phil today (September 27) all about their orgasming as they joined the programme live from Los Angeles.“And for us, the shops, we have to be socially responsible.” In his café, no children are allowed in at night, and signs are everywhere warning about the dangers for unsuspecting youngsters.