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Do not discuss financial things, such as your investments or social security checks.

This is information that should be given out on a need-to-know basis, and an Internet date does not need to know this information.

If you're a Baby Boomer or Senior Citizen looking for Matchmaking, Romance, Personals, Love, and Relationship Advice...

If Internet dating seems a bit too modern for your taste, sign up with your local senior center to learn about their activities.Many times you will be able to meet up with other seniors who may also be looking for companionship or love.learn more Boomer Outlook: An Uncertain Future The generation that raised hell during the Vietnam War, pushed civil rights and feminism, and redefined education and all of society isn't about to sit in a nursing home and crochet doilies.I don't know what is facing the baby boomer generation as we age, but it will probably be noisy, it will probably be revolutionary, and it may change the treatment of the elderly for decades to come...Whether you have five-thousand dollars of credit card debt or five hundred, there are some "rules" to live by that can make your financial life easier...

read more Boomer Nostalgia: The Day the Music Died is the term often used to describe a plane crash that took place on February 3, 1959 in Iowa.

Worth Denver Detroit Hartford Houston Indianapolis Jacksonville Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles Miami Milwaukee New York City Oklahoma City Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Raleigh - Durham Sacramento Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego San Francisco - San Jose Seattle St.

Louis Tampa - St Petes Toronto Vancouver Washington DC - Baltimore Being a senior citizen does not mean that you will not desire love and romance as well as the companionship that comes with a relationship.

For this reason, set up a special email address that you will maintain for your online dating purposes.

Do not answer questions about your telephone number or address, and instead be evasive by listing the next big city that is close to the city in which you live.

Of course, once you are back in the game, you will find that some things that may have irked you about your spouse for the past twenty years will also irk you about a new date.