Self description examples dating websites

It helps to look at online dating as a fun exercise rather than a make-or-break challenge.

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It’s also far easier to write about your hobbies than to try and think of a personal description.

For example, while some things may make you come across as slightly arrogant, there is nothing wrong with writing about past or present achievements that make you proud.

If this rings a bell with the other person, you may well get a good response.

Are you looking for someone who shares your hobbies?

The task is further complicated by the fact that you want to stand out from all the other people on the website.

You need to be distinctive without embellishing unduly, which takes a little work if you're not used to writing.First, meet a guy, then decide what you want out of him). I am looking to meet someone in the this area and see what happens! 🙂 (good, funny, statement that shows personality and sense of humor, she should have used more of this kind of words throughout her profile).Relocating for the right person is definitely an option. ” ******************************* This is one great dating profile.It’s a bit negative and has a few red flags but other than that – it’s not bad!“100% Italian, fun loving, affectionate young lady who knows what it takes to make a relationship work.sparingly, as they are heavily used all over dating sites.