Sedating dogs for car travel

XY chromosome pairs; hemophilia; colorblindness; Special disadvantages of being a male: ADHD; prison; violent crime victims; dangerous occupations; the draft; combat death; separation from children by job or court; heart attacks, suicide; the fifteen leading causes of death; BOOK REVIEWS: Why Men Are the Way They Are and The Myth of Male Power, both by Warren Farrell, Ph D.; prostate; fertility and infertility; Dr.

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D.; 500 Natural in vegetable juice; dangers to workers at the Morrell meat packing plant; caffeine use by children; Ritalin; caffeinated beverages and decreased fertility; gastric ulcers; blood sugar; what 1,000 mg of caffeine can do; my first pharmacologically memorable encounter with caffeine; how to quit the caffeine routine; Vitamin C; caffeine headaches and withdrawal; stress reduction; Transcendental Meditation and decreased drug abuse; decreased use of cigarettes and alcohol; decreased use of caffeine; decreased need for tranquilizers and other prescribed drugs; caffeine causes loss of vitamin C and the B-vitamins; dieting aids and extra-strength pain relievers; dumb warnings; antibiotic Foods do not supply enough vitamins and minerals; whole foods; weight loss; dieting and vitamins; burning calories; vegetable juice for fluids and electrolytes (minerals); gain energy and lose fat; what really killed the Hun; bloody nose; make your own calcium citrate; accidental hypodermic needle pricks; mad cows; millions of chickens killed daily; red tinted contact lenses reduce aggression in chickens; colon bacterial contamination in chicken meat; super glue for chicken anuses; natural versus synthetic vitamins; differences between vitamin brands; vitamin C from beet tops; how much vitamin C and vitamin E I take each day; BOOK REVIEW: The Pattern of Health, by Aubrey Westlake, M.

D.; a personal discovery of alternative healing techniques; the websites of Abram Hoffer, MD, Ph D; megavitamin (orthomolecular) treatment for psychosis, depression, OCD, schizophrenia, and cancer; Fluoridation does damage, says a Canadian government report; dental Mens health; mans 6-year shorter life; (XX) vs.

Robert Anderson; Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Genetics; L-tryptophan; is genetically engineered; why one person really matters; Will Rogers; Linus Pauling; be a health nut; the "Lard Car"; beef fat; Chevy van with used french-fry oil from fast-food eateries travels 3,000 miles at 24 miles per gallon; the all-time winner for the "food" with the most artificial colors ever: NINE; animal has the worlds longest sperm is the fruit fly, Drosophila and quacks; dissident doctors who choose to give no medicines at all, just placebos; recent media hoopla against soy foods during a European epidemic of both Hoof and Mouth and Mad Cow Disease? Gilbert; ; LDL; stroke; blood pressure; atherosclerosis; soluble fiber; cancer; calcium; osteoporosis; estrogen; PMS; menopause; diabetes; kidney disease; asthma; antihistamine properties of vitamin C; lead poisoning; mental retardation; Alzheimers disease; saturation, or "bowel Vitamin-bashing; critics of Linus Pauling want it both ways; natural vs. ; get kids to eat lots of veggies; borderline high blood pressure treated naturally; forget the antibiotics and FIRE YOUR DOCTOR; The Soil and Health Library ( posts COMPLETE TEXTS of The Saccharine Disease (by T. D.; ecology; resistant hypertension; environmental medicine; how to reduce eyestrain for sure, and myopia possibly; William Bates Better Eyesight Without Glasses; how to exercise your eyes extrinsic muscles. D., successfully treated lupus using whole foods and raw juices; bibliography, links and research hints; vitamin C is no more acidic that most soft drinks; your stomachs natural hydrochloric acid secretions; avoid soft drinks; non-acidic calcium ascorbate vitamin C; links to many vitamin C related articles; Jennifer Daniels, M. D.; megavitamin research; orthomolecular medicine; Dr. Linus Pauling; niacin; niacinamide; behavioral disorders; Dr.

synthetic vitamin C; junk-science reports panning vitamin C; water-soluble antioxidant; vitamin C does NOT "harm" DNA; animals make between 2,000 and 10,000 milligrams of vitamin C per human equivalent body weight per day; evolution and genetic material; white blood cells and male reproductive fluids contain unusually high quantities of vitamin C; the flurry of anti-vitamin reporting; 100 MILLION Americans take vitamin C every day; politics of WAYS TO SPOT ANTI-VITAMIN BIAS IN A SCIENTIFIC STUDY; Linus Paulings complete vitamin and nutrition bibliography is posted; Dr. D., discusses constipation; colon cancer; food additives and meat; how to move the bowels daily; fennel seed; pods; arthritis; castor oil; magnesium citrate; how to take an enema; veal is really a calf, with beautiful, big brown eyes with long, delicate lashes; reducing your meat intake saves animal and human lives; immune system; Body, Mind and the B Vitamins; eliminate fleas from your pet without using chemicals. Humphry Osmond; medical politics; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; DSM system; American Psychiatric Association; drug therapy; Dr. D.; his papers, and reviews of some of his books; his complete bibliography; MOTION SICKNESS; Chronic, itchy, slow-to-heal scalp sores; SHAMPOOING; TWO GALLONS OF DIGESTIVE JUICES?

TABLETING INGREDIENTS; IF TABLETS UPSET YOUR STOMACH; 6 Powerful Answers for when under-informed people badmouth megadose nutritional supplements; Laws in progress to RESTRICT YOUR ACCESS TO SUPPLEMENTS; ; in the 1M potency; pharmaceutical cartel is STILL trying to squash alternative health care; physician in the U. military used nutritional therapies successfully for severe bronchitis, and then is brought up on charges; reading list; Have you ever been denied a natural therapy by a doctor or hospital? WHAT I PERSONALLY LOOK FOR IN A MULTIPLE VITAMIN; acid, phosphatidyl choline, phosphatidyl inositol, Omega-3 fatty acids; absorbs more and waste less if you divide dosage throughout the day; SUPPLEMENT BRANDS; Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C: The Clinical Experiences of Frederick R. D.; pneumonia, herpes, mononucleosis, hepatitis, atherosclerosis, infections, multiple sclerosis, childhood diseases, fevers, polio; Klenner employed 350 to 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C per day... D.; pregnancy; carotene; LETS TALK POLAR BEARS; newborn infants generally have LOW stores of vitamin A; F. ; US Department of Justice busted Hoffman La Roche, Merck and others for violations of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act; Hoffman La Roche was fined a record amount of 0,000,000 for engaging in illegal price fixing, the largest fine ever levied by DOJ; Matthias , M.

D.; Free Choice in Supplements Alliance (FCSA); natural treatment of olive oil and lemon juice to get rid of gallstones; safety of vitamin C with children; VITAMIN C AND BREASTFEEDING; chewable "C" tablets; THIS MONTHS JUICING HINTS; Dr.; CODEX guidelines attempt to establish upper limits on the dosage of food supplements; Costs Would Rise; CODEX Disregards Congress; Vaccination Exemption Law, state by state, at Religious Exemption; BRONCHITIS.CHARITABLE VITAMIN DISPENSARIES AND HOW TO OPEN ONE; St.CORRECTIVE NUTRITION: giving prison inmates a cheap daily nutritional supplement would save money in health care expenses; many inmates test positive for tuberculosis, often multi-drug resistant strains; nearly every inmate will get out eventually; prisons are now more like hospitals; HIV positive rate as much as 50%; the play-down-the-TB-epidemic policy; inmate case history: wheat germ and multivitamins makes him "feel more clear"; HEALTHY EATING "CAN CUT CRIME" (From the BBC News, Tuesday, 25 June, 2002); University of Oxford has found that vitamins cut offences by 25%; placebo controlled; serious offences, including violence, fell by 40%; Commercialization of health information; they're just trying to get your money; Doctor Yourself has no affiliation whatsoever with any commercial health business; where to find out which countries do **not** fluoridate their water; carrot-broccoli-lettuce juice, and it tastes better than it sounds; laxatives and a personal story; why and how to apply castor oil externally; JUICING TIP OF THE MONTH: stretch Natures very short "expiration date" by adding vitamin C powder to juice for later. "How can I enroll my children in school without having them vaccinated?" How to find out the "immunization laws" for the state you live in; KNOW YOUR DOCTOR; Vaccination is NOT legally required of every person; religious exception to vaccination on personal, moral and spiritual grounds; test of sincerity; MEDICAL EXEMPTION; ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION; UNVACCINATED KIDS "SITTING DUCKS"? Miller's article in the Spring 1994 issue of Mothering magazine. Sabin; most polio is non-paralytic polio; the DPT shot; review of some anti-vaccination literature; Vitamin C is a proven effective, natural antibiotic and anti-toxin; WHAT A VACCINATION EXEMPTION LETTER LOOKS LIKE; excellent links and websites; IF YOU **DO** CHOOSE TO VACCINATE; informed consent; what to do about contact with just-vaccinated children; How to build strong natural immunity; "19 Million Pounds of Meat Recalled After 19 Fall Ill," by Elizabeth Becker, The New York Times (July 20, 2002).Hoffer's office address; THE DANGERS OF CAFFEINE; Caffeine Induced Anaphylaxis, A Progressive Toxic Dementia by Ruth Whalen; Cerebral allergy; delusions, hallucinations, and paranoia; dementia; Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD); Manic symptoms; lack of focus; failing memory; withdrawal; histamine; dairy foods: pro and con. ); Language remains a barrier in health care; Latin medical terms; Merck Manual; links to free online Medical Dictionaries; potato flakes for fake snow; Graves Disease (the largest single cause of hyperthyroidism); (PTU); thyroxin levels; reported bias in National Graves Disease Foundation; Factors that can trigger the onset of Graves disease; REMINDER that the ONLY mail I send out to my mailing list subscribers is this Newsletter; never open attachments from anyone due to the risk of computer viruses; references showing kidney damage from too much protein; CHRONIC PAIN; the amino acid D- or DL-PHENYLALANINE; (DLPA); dosage specifics; safety; how it works; migraine, joint pains, neuralgia and postoperative pain respond to DLPA; VITAMIN C (Ascorbic Acid) ANALGESIA; dosage and administration; references cited. Hoffer links and articles; his dosage recommendations; cancer and nutritional therapy; cardiovascular disease; "Hoffer's Law of Natural Nutrition (Quarry Press, Kingston, ON, 1996); "DOCTOR YOURSELF LAWS OF NATURAL THERAPEUTICS"; why sick people should promptly get to saturation of niacin, vitamin C, water, and carotene; Niacin FLUSH FACTS; This month's JUICING HINT: "Veggie Wraps"; More on Graves Disease, by Tim Simmons, M. Virus); "coral calcium"; bladder and urinary tract infections; "allergies" to a vitamin?