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(KSAZ) - Buckeye Police released, on Monday, body camera footage surrounding an officer's confrontation with an autistic teenager that happened in July.

The officer reportedly thought the teen was doing drugs in a park, and tried to confront him.

Most apps do not come with any age limits, warning labels or ratings that parents can easily screen. If you have a teenager you might need to do a check up, there is a social media crisis happening right in front of your screens.

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As a social media expert for businesses and the instructor of the social media management class at the University of Florida, I thought I was more social media savvy than most parents.In my mind, I could easily maneuver my teenager through the dangerous minefields of social media. At age 12, she wanted to join Snapchat, and I resisted for about a year.Think nude selfies, slut shaming and viral cyber bullying.Snapchat takeovers In my world, a Snapchat takeover is a good thing for brands; it’s how businesses can reach the younger audiences and influence the market.Parents of teens have it rough these days thanks to a new cocktail: smartphones laced with social media apps. There is a teen epidemic happening right in front of us, and it’s called smartphone addiction.

The mix is so potent it can take over your teen’s life and so dangerous it can literally open the door to stalkers. If you are wondering why your teenager is always taking selfies, it’s called Snapchat, or better named Crackchat. Top 10 reasons my daughter “could not live” without her phone (in her words)Teen brain hacking Apps like Snapchat are actually designed to be addicting.

"This makes it challenging to find and approach them to deploy tracking equipment.

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Buckeye Police officials admitted they could have handled the situation better, but also said that the officer had reasonable suspicion to encounter the teen.

Video taken by the body camera showed a 30-second encounter between the officer and the teen.

The researchers also deployed longer-term electronic tags on the smaller Antarctic minke whales, with scientist Elanor Bell saying there was little information on their feeding behaviour.