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And Scott is there, and he's not quite himself again. Lauer: Did you ever say to him, "Scott, did you kill your wife? -- His unseemly flirtations with Anne's babysitter, Lorraine. That's when Anne first noticed Scott had turned dark and distant. Anne Bird came to a terrible conclusion that the long-lost brother she had only found a few years before, that she had loved deeply and defended tirelessly, really was capable of murdering his pregnant wife. But-- Lauer: That pool she told you that she loved to float in to ease the-- Bird: Yeah. Lauer: Jackie very much wanted you to testify on Scott's behalf during the penalty phase? She said that they had a whole string of people that were going to come in: his old coach and a lady whose tire he changed, and things like that, to come in and speak for Scott's defense. And she said everyone's very disappointed in me, and especially Scott. The judge is expected to approve that decision on march 16. And unable to face the shame of a messy divorce, felt it was better for him if Laci and the baby just disappeared.

Anne thought that Scott seemed way too quiet again a few weeks later at Laci's baby shower on December 10, 2002. All her friends have gathered around to celebrate the impending birth of her baby. She says they talked awkwardly about their family, her kids, the weather, everything but the obvious subject. -- His insistence that police were "looking in the wrong place" for Laci. She flashed back to their trip to Disneyland, a month before the murder. And it's hard for me to think that, because I picture Laci and that's hard. Lauer: What was it like for you, when you finally came to the point where you could admit to yourself I've been defending the indefensible, he did this, how hard was that emotionally for you? You know, every time I look at the list, it's not hard. You know, my son still asks what happened to Aunt Laci. During the penalty phase of Scott's trial, Anne was asked to testify, but not by the prosecution. She was very hurt and very upset that I didn't do this.

Lauer: Is it fair to say that you and Scott and Laci, then over the course of the next year or so, really developed a pretty strong bond? In her new book, “Blood Brother,” Anne describes Scott and Laci as the perfect couple. You know, I wish I had that relationship." I know Scott said that they complete each other.

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In this exclusive interview, an intimate member of the Peterson family tells her story to NBC’s Matt Lauer. And I think that's why I ended up getting so much information.

Matt Lauer: During that time, Anne, that Scott is living in your house, did you ever pull up a chair next to him and say, "Scott, what do you think happened to Laci? Her name is Anne Bird — a name you probably don't know. Because a face that resembles Anne's has peered out of tabloid covers TV screens and mug shots for the past two years. This sister came to believe not only that her long-lost brother Scott was a killer. But to understand the whole story you have to go back to the beginning, long before Anne Bird had ever heard of Scott Peterson or had any idea they were related.

She says she had some mild curiosity about who her birth parents might be, but she never followed up on it. And Anne Bird met the mother she'd never seen before — a woman named Jackie Peterson.

Almost before Anne knew it, don arranged a meeting at a beachfront hotel in nearby La Jolla.

Lauer: And there was no way she could keep the baby. Whatever happened back then, now Jackie Peterson was married with a grown son whom she adored — Anne's half-brother, a young man named Scott Peterson.

It was just kind of a neat -- we just kept smiling.

Bird: You know, once again, he didn't say a whole lot. And he's walking around our living room handing out flirtinis. Lauer: They were found about two miles from your home. But now he was under arrest, charged with Laci's murder. And he said, "You know I didn't kill my wife." And he looked at me again to see -- it was like, if I bought it. Anne wondered how her biological mom, Jackie, could still defend Scott. Bird: I think that there were a few times that came up where she could have talked to him and had him 'fess up, that this charade had gone on long enough. On November 12, 2004, the jury found Scott Peterson guilty of murdering his wife, Laci, and his unborn son, Conner.

Anne had no way to know it, but just one day before, Scott had been forced to confess to his new girlfriend, Amber, that he'd been married but, as Amber later testified, he said he had "lost his wife." Lauer: Shortly before the holidays, you placed a call to Scott. Lauer: How would you describe his demeanor and his mood here a week before Christmas, with a baby on the way. But they couldn't ignore the news that broke on January 24, a month after Laci disappeared, when Amber Frey went public about her relationship with Scott. Here he is, you know, kind of a person on television every single night who has a missing wife. It was Laci Peterson and the little boy she had planned to name Conner. Lauer: Two miles from that room where he would sleep when he was your houseguest, overlooking the bay. In the same bay that he was saying, "You're wasting your time," in looking there. For four months after Laci Peterson disappeared, Anne was a staunch defender of Scott. But as Anne followed the trial, she heard so many more hideous things she'd never known about -- how Scott researched the tides in San Francisco Bay, how he'd seduced amber Frey, how he'd told Amber on the phone that he was in Paris the same night he attended a vigil for his missing wife, Laci.

She grew up as Anne Grady, the daughter of a well-to-do couple in San Diego.

But then, one summer day in 1997, when she was 32 years old: Lauer: This guy Don calls on the phone one day out of the blue and he says, "Guess what, I'm your brother? Bird: I really wasn't nervous until she opened the door.

You see, Anne Bird is the sister of a notorious murderer — Scott Peterson.