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I have the book, but I have not found more than a very few of the programs in computer source form.I am still looking for the games, or a better OCR program to convert the book form to computer form.If you got one, for the steep price of about 00, and then put it together, not a small feat, what you got was a big blue box with lights on the front. Next, a lit bit was walked across each of the front panel lights in turn, marquee style. These elementary Basic programs are still perhaps the only collection of programs that can honestly be said to run on any computer, anywhere.

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Further, they had published two volumes of these computer games in book form.

Now since these are way out of print, this might not have helped me a couple years back.

Some of these might have been printing errors, some may have been original program errors.

The original book is available online: And on Amazon:

Some were not so useful, such as printing control characters here and there.

Acting as a computer historian, I "unmodified" the games to create the original games as they appeared in the book.The Creative computing library serves several important goals for the purposes of the Classic Basic Games page.First, I can verify that these games were original from 1978, the time the collection was published. Ahl, did research back then as to "who wrote what" program, research that would be hard to reproduce today.The magazines that published them are gone, interest in them has waned.Perhaps most destructive of all, when advanced graphics began to become common on computers such as the Apple, a lot of them were "converted" to run specifically on those computers.The object was to hit the switch under it at just the right time, and turn the light off. Get all the lights out, and, well, you ran out of interesting things to do rapidly. It soon became known that if you bought a little extra memory, and an I/O device, and got hold of a thing called a "Basic interpreter" you could reach the next level in computerdom (and limits on your credit card). Original Basic programs from this time are hard to find now, even on the Internet.