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Sandra Bullock went shopping with Louis this weekend.The photo agency says she was being all cagey about the man in the red hat who was with them. Supposedly when they saw photographers they split up and used different entrances and left separately.Age difference: 16 years Relationship status: Believe it or not, the actors dated in 2002.

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He looks to me like Jonathon Komack-Martin, Ryan Reynold’s producing partner.Earlier this year the tabloids suggested that he and Sandy were dating which she denied. Here was her statement to Gossip Cop at the time:“For over a decade now, I have been so lucky to have Jonathon and Ryan as my friends, and I agree with the reports that they are both very handsome and a great catch!After Sandra Bullock shared a titillating kiss with "Proposal" co-star Ryan Reynolds' wife, Scarlett Johansson, at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, the two will reteam for "Most Wanted," a new action comedy from Universal Pictures.Based on a pitch from "Proposal" screenwriter Pete Chiarelli, "Most Wanted" tells the story of a criminal suspect (Bullock) who is apprehended and escorted to a court hearing by an FBI agent (Reynolds).She and Mc Conaughey were indeed a couple for a while.

I suppose then that “stolen my heart” could mean anything.On their way to court, the two are attacked in an ambush and are ultimately forced to go on the run.According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Most Wanted" will strike a similar tone to "Midnight Run," Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin's 1988 comedy about a bounty hunter (De Niro) tasked with hunting down a mob accountant (Grodin).Reynolds made a triumphant return to the big screen in 2011.Taking on a comic book hero, he starred in Reynolds has garnered a lot of attention for his personal life.In addition to Bullock, Reynolds and Chiarelli, other members from the "Proposal" creative team joining up for "Most Wanted" include director Anne Fletcher and producers David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman.