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Especially the ones saying it because the meaning is little king because truthfully this name is a surname so thousands of little girls have it part of their name.

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"To me, he was the sweetest teddy bear," she recalls.

"What's funny is that I get along with everyone he's ever been with. After I see them, I'll tell him, 'Oh, I was on-set with your ex today—it was fun! It was before me, so it's fine.” We gotta say: #relationshipgoals to the max.

I thought the "i" would be softer and more feminine than a "y" and I thought the "anne" was more feminine than "an". Yes, there are some names out there that are appropriate for a boy and a girl, but this name isn’t one of them. I have been doing research for a while on male names and guess what? I don't really like to name myself a popular name but this name is unique(even though many people have it) and has a wonderful meaning, "little king".

His name fits him very well because he is my little king! When he was little his Polish great-grandma used to pronounce his name ray-ann.

This name can be for both genders, I know a guy named Ryan, and a girl named Ryan. I never would've thought of that, but I guess these days there really is no gender line, and it's a surname, so I guess that should've been a hint that it's also trendy for girls.

I like it for either gender, and it sounds good for both as well, if you like unisex names Ryan is a great choice. I feel like I'm the only one who does, but it's just too common and trendy. It's common and not in a way that it deserves to be common, like John or Michael, but in a 'oh my god everyone decided they loved this name at the same time' kind of way.He was feeling really bummed and stressed out," she reveals."He was like, 'I can’t be in a relationship right now.' That lasted for one day. "I knew it came from a place other than us not working," Chrissy explains looking back. Teigen also says she has got no animosity toward any of Legend's exes — a list which includes Brazilian model Danielle Abreu and Wafah Dufour, a Swiss-born singer.This tendency is pretty common in the South (Lee being a good example).A female "Ryan" was given birth on the show "Ryan's Hope," as I recall.I love this name for a girl, in fact, I gave the name to my daughter. Sorry girls, this name is for a boy and will always be. When we named him I didn't want him to have the same name as my husband Brian, but we still go through all kinds of confusion on people not knowing who is who between them.