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When Trump secured the nomination, rich Republicans pulled their funding, leaving rich Democrats to fill in.

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Ms Waters is the most senior of the 12 black women in the US Congress which she was elected to in 1991. A fierce critic of Mr Trump, she has previously called his friends and advisers who have ties to Russia or oil and gas interests “a bunch of scumbags”.In February, she warned Mr Trump was “leading himself” to possible impeachment because of his alleged conflicts of interests and that he was creating “chaos and division”.“They have said that’s absolutely true, some other things they kind of allude to.” She did not provide evidence to back up her claim or reveal who had said it was "absolutely true".If the dossier was ever substantiated, she said that Mr Trump should then be impeached.Trump has repeatedly insisted the dossier, as well as any reports about his ties to Russia, are "fake news" and "phony." After the report was published, Trump lashed out at U. intelligence agencies, suggesting they may have been behind the leak of the document itself.

The day after his inauguration, however, Trump gave a speech at the CIA headquarters in Virginia in which he sought to make amends.“I am so behind you,“ Trump said. Maybe you’re gonna say, please, don't give us so much backing, Mr.The guide, entitled , explains briefly how human rights treaties are enforced and lists some of the most important enforcement mechanisms.It also provides a key that advocates can use to help them determine if certain rights protected by international law have been violated.In August, ABC News reported that the Senate Judiciary Committee had called Glenn Simpson, a former reporter who founded the research firm that had hired Steele to compile the dossier, to answer questions in a closed session.ABC News also reported that Steele had met with the FBI and provided agents with the names of his sources.A 35-page document, published in January, containing numerous unverified and potentially devastating allegations against Donald Trump.