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Shortly thereafter, an obscure website called DCLeaks begins posting information hacked from the private conversations of former NATO Supreme Commander Philip Breedlove.On June 14, Crowd Strike publicly identifies both COZY BEAR and FANCY BEAR, and affirms its belief that the two groups are responsible for hacking the DNC.It was not unheard of during the Cold War for both the US and the USSR to covertly and (usually) subtly interfere with foreign elections.

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The target of the interference is, of course, the US presidential election.The new level of attacks combined cyber espionage with an older tactic – in the words of computer security expert and author Thomas Rid, "a poisonous cocktail of fact and fabrication that the Russians call kompromat, for 'compromising material'." In 1999, the government of Boris Yeltsin used anonymous websites to tar opposition candidates, including the mayor of Moscow."Active measures" does not mean standard espionage, which involves collecting foreign secrets, but instead aim to actually influence events, in this case attempting to undermine the US election by using forgeries, front groups, and many other techniques honed during the Cold War.Show more The Kremlin considers Reagan a major threat to its own militaristic agenda.Posts whose secondary content is labeled "Under Development" will be completed ASAP.

KGB head Yuri Andropov orders his intelligence agents to carry out "active measures" against the re-election campaign of US President Ronald Reagan.As their expertise grew, Russian hackers even accessed satellites to cover their tracks.The operation will continue into 2017 and beyond, with two organizations, the FSB (the successor to the KGB) and the GRU (Russia's military intelligence agency) leading the hacks.The effort will fail, as Reagan will win the election in a landslide.This is not the first time Soviet intelligence, or its American counterparts, have tried to influence opinion and events in the other country.Dzerzhinsky's statue one towered in front of KGB headquarters.