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My brother is one of those people who have a very interesting love life.His love life often sounds like a Mexican telenova or a Nigerian movie.

In contrast, just 50 per cent of Americans and Australians kept it to weekends.(Sixty per cent of Canadian users who wanted to party set Saturday as their preferred day. Speaking of nonsense, people have tons of contradicting advice on both subjects. So much sweating, from nerves and/or sheer exhaustion. I feel the same way about people who can just easily jog around for 40 minutes as I do about my friends who married, like, the first guy they met online. Especially when I feel like this: People who talk about feeling a "runner's high" = People who say things like "When you know, you know." I'm pretty sure they are talking nonsense. OK, OK, even if it's really bad, I'm always kind of glad I did it afterward. OK, now that I've gotten the complaining out of my system, I'm vowing to keep it up with both running and dating.

Forget about dating, and that's when you'll find love. Related: People always say it will be worth it in the end but I'm not sure I believe them. (Hint: turtle speed.)I want to give up on both about a million times per second.

When one user is near another, the app adds their profiles to other’s timeline.

It also allows users to make themselves available for potential on the spot first dates.

It’s the third biggest dating app in Canada, after Tinder and Bumble.

For example, sixty-six per cent of Canadians said they were ready for partying activity between Friday-Sunday; 75 per cent of those who were ready to go drinking with someone new chose the same time frame.

Maybe they were prematurely canceled, or perhaps they were on before your time.