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Also, the series premiere was watched by 4.8 million viewers, making it the third highest-rated premiere for a live-action Nickelodeon series to date.True must decide whether to fire Lulu as her assistant after she makes a mistake with one too many of True's projects.

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Meanwhile, Ryan tries to make a funny website, but keeps failing.

Note: When Ryan told True and Lulu about his new website, Ryan, The Other Moonwalker, he did the moonwalk and did a spin while saying 'Hee Hee'.

True tries to mend Max's broken heart by fixing him up with her school's librarian Doris (Melanie Paxson) after he learns his ex-fiancée is marrying someone else.

Meanwhile, Amanda and Oscar bond over their secret love of a ridiculous sci-fi.

The moonwalk with a spin and 'Hee Hee' is a parody of Michael Jackson's style.

Absent: Robbie Amell as Jimmy Madigan Amanda assigns True to look after a famous supermodel, Dakota North.The list of episodes for the Nickelodeon sitcom True Jackson, VP.The series revolves around True Jackson (Keke Palmer), a fashion-savvy teenage girl who becomes the vice president of the youth apparel division of Mad Style, a fashion company based in New York City.At first she was very psyched because when Oscar (Ron Butler) tells her this.But True realizes that she is difficult to work with.After True fires Lulu, True begins to feel ashamed for firing her best friend.