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The Elodea leaf is composed of two layers of cells.Only one layer of cells is in focus when using the high power (40x) objective.

Therefore, the cell membrane (not the cell wall) loses water molecules and shrinks.: When comparing two solutions, such as the inside of a red blood cell (RBC) with the solution they are placed in, the solution with the greater salt concentration is hypertonic, while the solution with the lower salt concentration is hypotonic.Compared with the RBCs, a 10% Na Cl solution is hypertonic while a 0.1 % Na Cl is hypotonic.Tubocurarine is the active ingredient of curare, an extract from the bark and stems of the South American vine (Chondodendron tomentosum).Amazonian Indians use the gummy extract to coat the poison darts of their blowguns.The inquiry-based activities emphasize the scientific method.

Students make observations, propose hypotheses, design experiments, collect and analyze data generated by the simulation, and synthesize and communicate results through an electronic notebook and an online report.Now potassium ions move from inside the axon to the outside of the axon in a wave of repolarization.During a lethal injection, a fatal dosage of potassium chloride is administered intravenously.Therefore, the depth of field is limited to only one layer of cells.You must focus up and down using the fine adjustment knob on the microscope to see both layers of cells.: Shrinkage of the protoplast or cell contents due to water loss when a drop of salt water (Na Cl) is added to the Elodea slide.As sodium ions rapidly move across the membrane to the inside of the axon, the polarity of the membrane changes.