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What would you think about moving the article and setting up "fuck buddy" as a redirect? I thought about this, and I think "casual relationship" might be the most appropriate term. [1] -Ld | talk , (UTC) Upon visiting this article, I was redirected to casual relationship.

I'm of the opinion a redirect to casual sex is more suitable.

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is not in accordance with traditional moral values implies that any culture's traditional moral values do not fit, and never did, whereas I am sure there were cultures that permited, and possibly even encouraged such relationships.Of course, this is not a researched fact, thut I'm commenting, not fixing).I feel the 'Morality' should be moved back to the end (in alphabetical order), as not adding any real value by being on top.Also, I think it would be better to reword it (I couldn't think of a proper way yet), as to avoid absolutism (concept of f.b.Whether you like it or not, the two of you are going to get very close, very fast: it’s inevitable and irresistible (if you’re normal)—only the sociopathic seem capable of resisting its siren song.

The feelings we develop for someone we’re sleeping with are real and powerful and intense, as is the attachment, the craving, and the newfound neediness.

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