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I had to settle for placing just the Panavise arms on the slide out and do my best.I found very quickly that working in a tight space one has to be very aware of cords and tools, a few times moving the soldering iron in place almost had the soldering iron cord take the make shift Panavise (holding the circuit board) onto the floor.

We had a good solid QSO and after it was over, I realized that the little Tin had a lot more potential than I had realized.

It seemed to me that if my little signal could skip all the way to Colorado in August, then it should go a LOT further during the winter DX season ... It was at that point that I decided to give it a try.

What was also a challenge was remembering where the heck I placed things in the dam condo!

I have a nice Panavise setup for holding my boards in place while soldering.

I could find the arms but I was not able to locate the base.

I looked everywhere but had no luck and nothing bothers me more than knowing it's somewhere but just not able to find that "somewhere".Now it's a roll top desk with 2 slide out shelves, that is my only choice for kit work now.Trying to get the exhaust fan, soldering station and other small miscellaneous items in place is a real challenge.I was truly delighted with the little rig's performance but assumed that my pint-sized signal would probably not go much farther than the nearby western states and maybe, if I was very lucky, a few more Californians.All that changed early on the morning of August 6th!Some of you wanted to see the complete version, uncut, of this video in which I discuss the differences between CB and the Amateur Radio Service. The editing software on my cell phone chopped off the ending, and I did not realize it until after it posted the video.