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Can you imagine what they must think watching sexual predator Leo Laporte ask her if she wants a Dirty Sanchez? So why not take the harassing remarks to another level as well?

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As the city began the devastating task of treating the horrifically wounded and identifying the dead, one grieving father told Mail Online: 'This is a terrible injustice. They clung to sisters and aunts for comfort as vigils were held.Can you imagine Marco listening to the constant sexual advances and harassment of his non-racist, non-monkey wife? “Shipmate” put it best in the comments on the last article “You’d think someone like Leo would cool it with the sexist remarks considering the current atmosphere, but he apparently has few fucks left to give.The army doctor and soldiers managed to escape and we locked the doors from inside. I saw mothers and fathers crying like mad at the gate of the school.But very soon they came, broke the doors and entered and again started firing.'He said: 'I am a biochemistry student and I was attending a lecture in our main hall. After some time we heard someone kicking the back doors. 'Five minutes after him, my younger cousin also appeared. I do not believe that we are so blessed.'He said: 'They opened fire at the students and then went out.There were gunshots but our teacher told us to be quiet and calmed us down. The army doctor and soldiers managed to escape and we locked the doors from inside.