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Because of this dissonance,'s recommendation engine considers what "must have" criteria you will compromise on and when you make those compromises.

Maybe you say that you don't want to date someone who has been married before, but you consistently email divorced men as long as they want to have children.

It's another way of determining what you like even if you can't articulate it.

"We don't know exactly what it is," explains Thombre.It brought on current VP of strategy analytics Amarnath Thombre to head up the charge.Since then, he and a team of 12 have been hard at work developing an equation (well, hundreds of equations) for successful match recommendations. "It's easy to predict who likes The Godfather, but in this case, the Godfather has to like you back," Thombre says.Of the women who say that a partner's desire to have kids is a "must have" criteria on, for instance, 57% still have emailed men on the site who don't want to have kids.51% who say the same about a partner's income have ended up breaking their criteria.Nearly all of us have spent time pondering what makes two people a compatible couple, but few have put as much time, money and Ph. When the site started in 1995, online dating was an obscure (and somewhat dubious) practice.