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Scientists were so sure the blood was dangerous, they even planned to use victims as guinea pigs to develop a new test for hepatitis, say the papers, which are likely to play a central role in a major civil action to be lodged at the High Court today, in which 300 families of victims are suing the Government.

The minutes show officials knew at least 50 patients a year were becoming infected with hepatitis.

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Despite this, the supply of contaminated blood was not stopped until 1986.The contaminated blood scandal of the 1970s and 1980s centred on the use of clotting agents for patients with haemophilia.Patients were given deadly contaminated blood for at least five years after health officials became aware of the danger, damning documents reveal.Newly unearthed minutes of meetings held in 19 show that officials consciously put patients at risk during a scandal which killed 2,000 people.They were given a product called Factor VIII, which was extracted from donors' blood.

The NHS was low on supplies, so Factor VIII was imported from the US, where it was often taken from high-risk groups including drug addicts, prostitutes and prisoners who had donated their blood for cash.Mike Dorricott was just 47 when he died of liver failure.The father-of-two, a successful businessman from Surrey, was one of the 2,000 innocent victims of the contaminated blood scandal.A blood test in 1996, ordered by his doctor after he'd complained of fatigue, revealed that he was suffering from hepatitis C.'Mike died peacefully, with all his family around him,' close friend Sue Threakall said.She added: 'He was a wonderful man, and they made sure he was told about all the people thinking about him and praying for him.There are a number of ways you can get free food, including through free product samples offered by name brands who want you to try their new offerings and spread the good word all the way down to restaurants and fast food joints who want you to join their email list and stay in touch - they'll give you everything from free tacos to a free meal to stay in the loop.