Predating test

The primary benefit of this coevolution is a test for obviousness that operates in a manner consistent with the principles of Graham while at the same time providing a pragmatic method which could be used in proceedings of the patent office and courts alike.The TSM test was identified early-on as one method of evaluating the legitimacy of combining multiple references.

Note: the test runner will stop at the first assertion failure, so subsequent subtests will not be performed.

If you do want to always test everything, split out these subtests in separate test procedures.

Lead researcher Professor Caroline Dive, based at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, said: "Our study reveals how blood samples could be used to anticipate how lung cancer patients may respond to treatments.

"Unfortunately, we have very few treatment options for patients with SCLC, and none at all for those whose cancer is resistant to chemotherapy.

Scientists, based at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute at The University of Manchester, isolated tumour cells that had broken away from the main cancer -- known as circulating tumour cells (CTCs) -- from the blood of 31 patients with this aggressive form of the disease.

When researchers analysed these cells, they discovered that patterns of genetic faults measured before treatment were linked to how well and how long a patient might respond to chemotherapy.This allows you to quickly write a set of test for a (logical) unit of code (not necessarily the same as a Pascal unit, though often it is).Development methodologies like Test Driven Design use this to make sure you code your expectations/specifications in your unit tests first, then write your main code, then run your tests and improve the code until all tests pass.The team also investigated the genetic changes that occurred in patients who initially responded well to treatment but later relapsed.The pattern in these cells was different from patients who didn't respond well to chemotherapy, suggesting different mechanisms of drug resistance had developed.Obtaining a tumour sample from lung cancer patients using an operation, known as a biopsy, can be difficult because the tumour is hard to reach and samples are often too small to reveal useful clues on how best to treat patients.