Policy and procedure for updating charge master

after the above referenced dates the hpv International: to program parameters after changing a wabco fpb ecu (park brake shows na). after changing a wabco full power brakes ecu it is necessary to program the parameters into the new ecu for International: 1939 data link repair.

policy and procedure for updating charge master-1

Vehicles with dt 466e f230 / 250 engines, code 12nkh and 12nkj built between may, 1998 and october, 1998 may exhibit poor acceleration and stumble when the oil temperature is between 30 degrees f and 80 degrees f.

*tt vehicles with a high-pressure oil line for the fuel injection system that goes from the high pressure pump to the right cylinder head may fail due to rubbing on the charge air cooler crossover pipe.

no models or mod International bus: bus booster pump running backwards.

when replacing the booster pump with one of the part numbers below, verify that the wiring of the new pump to the bus harness is correct. no International truck: maxxforce 11 & 13 fan drive torque specifications: the nut from the drive to the engine is 113 to 153 nm.

*tt Under certain circumstances vehicles equipped with the isx engine series can experience fuel imbalance between fuel tanks or possible engine shutdown. *pe updat International: due to normal operation of the air system on maxxforce 11 and 13 liter big bore engines, the constant cycling of the air compressor as unusual characteristics. ecm logs dtc 353 and/or dtc 354 codes when exhaust back pressure is too high or too low for specific engine operating conditions. *pe International truck: traction control change to enable and disable switch bendix air brakes. *pe International truck: tips for diagnosing or repairing steering issues with a sheppard steering gear that has auto relief plungers.

5500i, 5600i, 5900i, 9100i, 9200i, 9400i, 9900i models. models and mo International: low battery voltage is the only known cause for bc lock up. all post 2007 vehicles with body controller and bendix air brakes. this applies to trucks with rh sheppard steering gears w/auto relief plungers.

when servicing injectors International: egr cooler and bracket installation procedure for maxxforce dt, 9 and diesel engines.

applies to all international maxxforce dt, 9, and 10 diesel engines.

applies to pre 2010 emissions international engines.

two (2) new aps sensors (accelerator position sensor) have been developed and released for us International: when turbocharger diagnostics lead to mechanical failure it is possible to separate the turbo housing to inspect internal components.

an updated fan center section kit is available for repair.