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Just make sure those with whom you are going on dates know that's what they are.Someone who is a player goes on lots of dates with a person and misleads them into thinking the romantic relationship is something that it's not, leading to pain as they play with the other person's heart. Communication is the key to doing the former instead of being the latter. And since I'm now engaged to the man I once allegedly strung along, I think it worked out all right. Your turn: Where do you draw the line between playing the field and player?We've all heard it in every dating conversation, lesson, and fireside since we turned 12: don't date exclusively. Of course, we've also been taught, after we graduate and move on to the great big world of singles wards, that we should be seeking an eternal companion. Until I'm at least pretty positive I want to date this guy over every other potential male specimen out there, I'm not cutting off my options.

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People who get involved too quickly shut out others because they don’t rotate dates.While they’re serial dating, they’re losing out on opportunities to date other great people.” want in a guy.When you meet these people it is more than likely that they will have different likes and dislikes.When you learn this and one of the likes that he enjoys has been one you have been dying to try you should take that opportunity and do that activity. But that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with spending Monday night with Matt, Tuesday with Tom, and Wednesday with Will.

“Rotations give you the opportunity to not close doors on people who may be great for you.

My mother, on the other hand, championed my cause, insisting that, until I was married, I needed to keep playing the field.

Which meant I should never cut off options or turn down any dates--even if I was in an "exclusive" relationship. If there are multiple guys I'm interested in, the only way I can know which one I want to pick above the others is by continuing to date all of them until one stands out from the rest.

The man to whom I am now engaged accused me of stringing him along in the early stages of our courtship.

My sister's boyfriend accused me of being a player because I was going out on dates with multiple guys at the same time (I was trying online dating at the time--you can read about it by clicking here) and told me I was being mean to all parties involved.

Then I'm totally willing--and thrilled--to enter into an exclusive relationship.