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Supplies Manager: don't sell it, accept the challenge, let Vinh cover, recount, let it slide. I understand that you are doing it for the people reading this, and I commend you for it.

Cubicle Hand: play it, tomorrow at lunch, take matters into your hands, do it by hand, expand to more than criteria.

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Vice President: go along, refuse to answer, sit tight, tell them off, he's bluffing. Big Boss: Cheryl, give him a chance, Cheryl's idea, special game offer, no.

Kate (the nerd): 3 brothers, fudge pears, Japan, January 18, dramas, office assistant, art, Bookmark'd, spaghetti.

Here's what I did: Go to school and do advanced studying. Then, keep drinking those special drink that will raise your charm from four to nine.

Again, keep doing that over and over and when you run out of money, go to work. This is a sort of walkthrough I created: Dont concentrate on anything else except studying and work.

Management Assistant: shout, stay true, set up tournament, Dylan, second boat Business Supervisor: fastest way, old school, fire them, **** work, no reason.

Trophy Employee: simply explain, East Indian food, 4th hole, ask her.

It'll eat up some days BUUUUTTT DAY START: Go to Work Ask for a Promotion. Drink (if you have enough get the ) DAY TWO START: Go to School Train Strength (if you have enough get the workout) Train Intelligence (if you have enough get the study session) Go to Work Ask for a Promotion.

(Yes or No, REALLY doesn't matter ) Repeat for maybe 8-12 days if you're REALLLLLLLLY low on some of those things, but never do it too much or else you may run out of days altogether. After a while, you know what to do and it gets very easy. Keep raising your intellegence and getting promotions until you hit 250 intellegence points.

He gives Cyclops a charm and Cyclops questions on how to use it. I think the Instruction Manual is attached on the back", and Cyclops reads it.

He then smiles maniacally and exclaims on how he can get revenge.

Pico goes to pick up Nene the next day to find that her house is compeletly trashed, as if someone robbed her.