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She lines in a four-story townhouse on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, which she shares with her three children from her first marriage and her second husband Peter Mensch, the manager of bands including Metallica and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.She speculated during an interview with The Sunday Times that the Russians might be using a mobile florist in her Manhattan neighborhood as a front to intercept her emails.According to a coroner's report, CNN said, the cause of death was a heart attack stemming from coronary disease, and foul play was not suspected.

Mensch's theory was outlined in a 3,300-word blog post that she claimed offered 'direct evidence' that 'members the Trump campaign were involved in this conspiracy.'Further down we reprint her allegations in full, along with the Daily's comprehensive rebuttal.Mensch wrote that she had evidence that 'Vladimir Putin directed the entire attack' and 'Weiner was sexting not with a 15 year old girl but with a hacker, working for Russia.'According to her theory, a hacking group called 'Crackas With Attitude' messaged Weiner pretending to be a teenage girl, and later leaked the conversations to prompt a criminal investigation of Weiner and his laptop.Now an investigation by raises disturbing new questions about the accuracy of Mensch's reporting, with allegations that she has defamed people on Twitter and even claimed that a neighborhood florist is a front for the Kremlin.'On November 11th, 2016, days after the election, Heat Street reported: Two separate sources with links to the counter-intelligence community had confirmed to Heat Street that the FBI sought and was granted a FISA warrant in October, giving counter-surveillance intelligence permission to examine the activities of U. persons in Donald Trump's campaign with ties to Russia.The first request, which sources say named Trump, was denied back in June.However, it is thought that the intelligence community that the warrant covers any U. Many people in the Clinton camp have openly blamed the intervention by FBI director James Comey for costing her the election.

Not surprisingly the Daily Mail went to extraordinary lengths to confirm the Weiner story, including meeting with the girl Mensch claims does not exist and her father and verifying her age and identity during an extensive reporting process.

'It's obnoxious stupidity from her.' Powers: Mensch told the BBC Sunday Politics interviewer Andrew Neil that she could see 'patterns and connections' because of her ADHD.

She then said that hat she wrote on her blog was 'reporting' but what she wrote on Twitter was 'belief.'Ariana Gic, an independent political analyst focusing on Ukraine and Russia, said Mensch and her supporters subjected her to 'psychotic abuse' after the former British PM called her a 'Kremlin troll' who was 'shilling' for Putin.

She had previously suggested that Russia set up a fake Wi Fi network near her home using the name TWCWi Fi and offering free access.

In fact it was a free Wi Fi hotspot for the public and belongs to Spectrum, formerly known as Time Warner Cable, the company told said they were considering legal action against Mensch.

The blogger behind incredible claims that the FBI had a warrant to examine the Trump campaign's communications is facing serious questions about her legitimacy after making a series of conspiracy-theory claims about elaborate Russian plots that appear to have little basis in reality.