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For example, your NCapture browser extension may need to be updated, if your web browser is updated or there is a change to the Twitter website.

We recommend that you update your NCapture software as soon as an update is available.

Edge runs only on Windows 10, so Redmond will continue backing a few versions of Internet Explorer on older operating systems it still supports. Historically, Microsoft has kept several versions of Internet Explorer current each supported version of Windows.

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That probably drove many aspiring web developers careers that didn't require trying to figure out why the margins between images looked different from one browser to another.

Keeping too many old browsers in circulation contributed to that mess. Because Internet Explorer didn't stick to the guidelines established by World Wide Web Consortium the organization that establishes standards for web technologies, it often would display web pages in ways that made them look entirely different from other browsers, such as Netscape, Opera or, later, Firefox.

If an update to NCapture is available, then the next time you use NCapture, you will be prompted to download the new version.

menu because the Command bar has been hidden, you will need to show the command bar—refer to Internet Explorer help for more information.

Starting today, Microsoft will stop supporting Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, 9 and 10 on most operating systems, its biggest step yet toward phasing out one of the most contentious pieces of software ever written.

Microsoft has been distancing itself from the Internet Explorer brand since March, when it launched the Microsoft Edge browser, but it isn't quite dead.

It will not create new security patches for the older versions, leaving anyone who doesn't upgrade vulnerable to new hacks or attacks.

That could be a huge hassle for organizations that use custom-built applications that run correctly only on older browsers.

To install NCapture: Top of Page NCapture automatically checks for software updates and notifies you when an update is available.

NCapture is updated regularly to keep pace with changes to web browsers and social media web sites, so it is important to keep your NCapture software up-to-date.

Top of Page You can install NCapture on any Windows computer that has Internet Explorer 8 (or later) installed—you do not need to have NVivo installed on the computer, in order to use NCapture.