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She would often confide in Larry about the drama going on in the prison, and he soon wrote an article about it titled, "One Sentence, Two Prisoners." Sam Healy , who became jealous of Chapman's new-found fame, called Larry and told him that Piper and Vause had had a lesbian affair (which was untrue at the time, although Piper and Alex did start having an affair soon after).

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Larry tries to put the ring in his pocket, which upsets Piper, but the two reconcile quickly.

As they wait for the COs to take Piper back there's a flashback of Larry and Piper sitting in her parents' house telling her family about her crazy post-college adventures with Alex Vause and that she was going to jail as a result.

The next day Larry drives Piper out to the Litchfield Corrections Facility for her self-surrender.

The two sit in the car for a moment and she hands her engagement ring back, saying she can't take it with her.

After breaking up with Chapman, Larry became lost and spent a lot of time with Pete and his wife, Piper's best friend Polly Harper, who had recently given birth.

One day he had gone to see her and the baby, and found out that Pete had gone on a month-long trip to the north.

Beforehand Piper needs to pee, and as she gets up to go to the bathroom Larry says she looks beautiful.

On her return she says he looks beautiful too and they have sex.

He stayed with Polly numerous times and were even mistaken by an older woman to be married themselves.

Soon after, they ended up having sex in Larry and Piper's home.

His father searched his files and found out that Vause did, in fact, name Piper as a suspect.