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But it also lets you add a link to a webpage, so this fun service has been inundated with people trying to get links. It shows that if you run a site that lets anyone add a regular link, webspammers will eventually find your site and spam it as well.

For example, plenty of people will set their bots loose, and those bots will spam for links without checking if a particular page has nofollow.

But the people that write the bots also aren’t dumb.

Bridesmaid Lisa Hennessey was shocked when a nightclub told her she could not bring a stripping dwarf to a club for her hen night.

Ms Hennessey, 25, had gone to a website to hire a dwarf and booked 'Max the Oompa Loompa' for bride-to-be Dominique Mc Gahey's night out at Liverpool's trendy new Sugar Hut.

Someone recently pointed me to this wikipedia thread, where someone asked if Google was in favor of enabling nofollow on wikis, so I wanted to give a quick reply: I do think it’s a good idea.

For example, I’ve talked to a couple SEOs recently who said that they have a full-time person on their staff dedicated to scamming links from Wikipedia and wikis.In general, if you have an application that allows others to add links, web spammers will eventually find your pages and start annoying you. There’s a domain that runs an oompa loompa dating service.Oompa-Loompas are the small folks from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.About Costume Box: We may be across the ditch, but don’t think that’s going to keep us from getting your costume and party supplies to you fast!We’ve been Australia’s favourite place to buy costumes online since 2007 and have the biggest range of fancy dress in the Southern Hemisphere!I think that the dating service is just a gag; it’s a fun way that people can play around and pretend to be oompa loompas.