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I stay away from them but sometimes 1-2 land in my inbox.

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Jambone, Robusto and I recently finished our online dating book. I prefer low calorie yoghurt (-1) Qu.3 – People usually describe you as: a. Keep your eyes peeled for when we decide to offer it to the public. Read More How to get a woman into bed Very often physical escalation is overlooked when it comes to the subject of seduction.Most dating coaches will focus on ‘what to say’ with their clients, but on our team, we focus on what to say, how to say it and how to use your body language to…Not only does it make the interaction more fun, but being cheeky and cocky is usually indicative of a self confident nature. (By the way, at the bottom of this post- I have included a video that will…

Read More So I sent out an email a few days ago asking over 100,000 of my subscribers what one aspect they would like to improve on that they feel would change their results with women for the better.

Target: Girls with “adventure” as personality type The data is interesting because message 1 the “adorable sister” opener works on POF girls more.

POF in general has less educated, less serious, and younger girls.

My cold approach girls will usually sleep with me after the 1st date. I remember going on 2-3 dates in the south bay and all of them were clearly overweight.

But, since you first date IS you first face to face meeting, online dates usually take a little longer. All the girls I’ve been out with were average weight to skinny.

A fair amount of the men who come to me are guys who have either recently got divorced or have…