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But I will say, that is the worst thing, besides your direct insults to me that you can do to me,.

So, you can see this lady, after I travelled to Ukraine, met her at the Odessa airport and stayed 2 weeks in Mykolaiv to be with her.

The healing dimensions of being listened to are significant.

It isn't paved, so its not good for bike riding or strollers, aside from the fact that you have to trek through miles of industrial Richmond to get there.

The one who knows how to do surprises and those crazy things that you love so much !!!!

When you listen generously to people, they can hear truth in themselves, often for the first time.

And in the silence of listening, you can know yourself in everyone.

There was always something good to eat—pound cake with homemade butter or tomatoes from my grandfather's garden-- but even more special was a quality of attentiveness that she possessed.

As she listened to my chatting about this and that, she acted as if being with me were the most important thing she could be doing at the time. Such responsiveness is rare in our culture where we talk too much and listen too little.

And you will laugh and say that I’m the craziest woman and that I filled with light your life !!! I know that you able to feel what I write to you now!!!

I’ll send on your phone my naughty photos when you will be at work and you will look forward to returning to me. In your dream you will see all that I wrote here and when you will wake up you will dream with all your heart to be with me now.

SPIRIT AT WORK is a group web journal on which members and friends of St.

Aidan's Episcopal Church publish personal stories, parish history, spiritual reflections, and life journeys.

She has taken me for bouqets of roses, gold pendants, food baskets while she was in the hospital, shopping for clothes in Kherson, perfumes, body lotions, and many many restaurants.