Online dating site like myspace

Social media has become an integral part of modern society.

A group shot of you and your pals playing Frisbee or idyllically leaping in a rushing brook aren't all that bad (They show your adventurous side!We're using exclamation points because we're talking about dating!They just end up looking like Marty Mc Fly's siblings in that picture in "Back to the Future" (read: creepy and melting). The meta snap Why they're clicking "next": Oops, your camera's showing. However, have a friend look over your pics before you post. Why they're clicking "next": A washed-out picture of a dude sitting on a brown vinyl couch. As has been established multiple times already, online dating is a lot of clicking through pictures, waiting for someone to catch your eye, so it's vital that you have some good bait. Such profiles usually belong to folks looking to splash around in the STD-infested kiddie pool of love.We understand that it can be hard to find a good picture, that most of our friends are not, in fact, professional photogs, resulting in a veritable parade of pics in which one is caught mid-sneeze, -laugh or -oozing drunken 2 a.m. But, my friends, amazing advances in technology have afforded us the ability to take pictures of oneself without resorting to the dreaded standing-in-the-bathroom-with-a-camera shot. While you may think you look mysterious and dashing in the half-light of your darkened bedroom, the shadows playing off the sharp planes of your face, you may just look like a confused mole, squinting into the oh-so-captivating world of "Wo W." 5). An overexposed shot of a girl in sunglasses and a ponytail posing in Times Square. These images are not even worthy of your Flickr account, let alone your online dating profile. Delete any pictures that could have been taken in Anywheresville, USA, and opt instead for a photo of you posing with your prize-winning 100-pound pumpkin/busting out your rad jump-kick skills/pretending to make out with the giant mouse at Mars' Cheese Castle. If you are one of those folks, carry on, but don't come crying to us when you catch something -- and we're not talking about the aforementioned fish.There are niche sites for virtually every special interest out there.

There are sites to share photos, videos, status updates, sites for meeting new people and sites to connect with old friends.Usenets have no centralized server or dedicated administrator, setting them apart from most BBSs and forums.Usenets are mostly responsible for the development of newsreader clients, which are the precursor to RSS feed readers so commonly used to follow blogs and news sites today. Groups use many of the conventions established by the original usenet systems. Originally these were primarily hosted on personal computers and users had to dial in through the host computer’s modem.But these services all add value, so hopefully My Space won't feel the need to throttle them or (worse still) build an in-house version.Editor's note: Brenna Ehrlich and Andrea Bartz are the sarcastic brains behind humor blog and book "Stuff Hipsters Hate." When they're not trolling Brooklyn for new material, Ehrlich works as a senior writer at MTV, and Bartz is a news editor at Psychology Today.), but pics of you and three pals in the midst of arm-slung camaraderie are just confusing. (Even worse: What if all your friends are better looking than you?