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Owais is also nice but ....thats the name of my future son-in-law (very close friends son) Veda Jessica is a lovely name but not sure if my husband would like hebrew name I also liked name for a girl JUDY, its a name mentioned in Quran (the mountain).

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They have a boy called Amir who is a little angel and then two daughters called Lina and Monica.I really like Monica as a girl's name no idea if it is neccessairly muslim or not but as the whole family have similiar type names i presume it has muslim meaning to it??Still cant decide And even more confussed as my husband joint me in name hunt, his ideas are definatly not matching mine...names he chooses always sounds weird and got bad rhyming as well it wont be easy this time.... my daughters are Ishma Mariam and Ammara Aiesha, my son is Talha Waleed.We feature a variety of modern and traditional names - including Muslim names - on our page of popular baby names: Popular baby names - Netmums You can also get inspiration from top baby name lists from recent years, as well as listings of celebrity baby names.

You can also read tips from other parents on choosing baby names here: Top tips when choosing your baby's name - Netmums Hope this helps!

other names in family are Girls: boys: Hana Hamza Aleeza Reubeen Aiman Jazib Ekaan Roshaan Zan i also love the girls names Harrissa, Ursula, Dania, Dayana.. I believe the name Alima is of arabic origin and that it means love of music and dance. Also, I once read a book where the little girl (muslim) was called Mahtob, which if i remember correctly means "moon".

thought that was lovely too Hi everyone Hope you are having fun choosing names for your little ones!

Not sure on the meanings of all of these so you would need to look them up...

some tend to be the more popular due to the meanings so may already have them in your family.

My little girls are muslim and there names are maysa and ruby.