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Chad and Denise run into the room, revealing that the killer killed Shondell and Boone (however it was revealed that Boone faked his death, with the Red Devil's help).

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After last night's horrifying events, Gigi announces that she is hiring a security guard to protect the girls in Kappa Kappa Tau, however the Chanels still need to get rid of Chanel #2's body before the security find her themselves.While discussing a plan to get rid of the body, Hester Ulrich walks in and reveals her interest in "death" and how to dispose of the body properly, however Chanel ignores her help and decides to take Chanel #2's body in the freezer instead.In Season Two, they are hired by Cathy Munsch to work as medical students in her hospital, where yet another series of murders take place.Afterwards, Chanel is hired to host her own TV show, Lovin' the C. Chanel introduces herself as Chanel #1, the leader of her pack, her "minions" and her reign of power to the KKT sorority, when the Dean, Cathy Munsch, believes that was responsible for injuring her fellow sorority sister, Kappa President Melanie Dorkus while she was still a pledge.#1 is shocked when #5 says that she does not care what happened to #2, because that's #1's problem, and when people start noticing that she is missing they will start snooping about Kappa Kappa Tau.

After Chanel #5 leaves the freezer room, #1 screams that she will destroy her.

Minutes later, Chanel screams running down the stairs revealing that the Red Devil tried to kill her, but Denise tells them not to go upstairs to catch the killer, but they go upstairs anyway (unknown to them, the killer is not in the house and kills Denise's co-worker, Shondell), while the girls discover graffiti, the killer left saying, "SLUTS WILL DIE" causing them to scream in horror.

While having dinner, the girls become overwhelmed with paranoia and accuse each other of being the killer, however, Chanel reveals that the girls need to keep the tradition of Kappa house and respect each other like sisters.

Grace then goes back to investigate the secret door, and discovers the bathtub that Sophia died in during the 1995 flashback while giving birth during a Kappa party.

However, Chanel catches her and reveals it is where Kappa "keeps its darkest secrets" and tells her Sophia's story, and also that Cathy knew about the death and covered it up for the 1995 sorority sisters.

Grace leaves the kitchen to get the police when Chanel threatens to pin the blame on her, and even having the Chanels and pledges (excluding Zayday Williams) to take her side. Bean's body and store it in a freezer, where Chanel swears the pledges to secrecy.