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As lenders update your information with Experian, your credit report is updated.Experian is continuously updating its records with the new information.

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Citi began the process of mailing out new cards late last month.

Here are some other key facts about the new card:• Is there an annual fee for the new Visa card?

That's an increase from 3% back on the first ,000 under the Amex Costco card.

Restaurant and eligible travel purchases worldwide also get a bump.

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Typically, lenders report your account information once a month, but each account on your report may be updated at different points throughout the month, depending on that creditor’s reporting cycle.If you don’t have a Costco Visa card, you can still use your non-credit card Costco identification card.• What are the benefits for this new Visa card?Costco says its switch to Visa offers greater benefits compared to what was available from American Express.You’ll get 4% cash back on eligible gasoline purchases, including gas at Costco, for the first ,000 in purchases a per year.After crossing the threshold, you'll get 1% cash back.If you’re the primary account holder, simply adding an authorized user to your credit card won’t directly affect your credit report or credit scores.