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The picture will look old; either the quality will seem dated or *cringe* there will be pictures of pictures.Men might have non-ironic mustaches or puka shell necklaces and ladies will have out of date clothing and makeup choices.

A second woman, Elle Audra, left the Marine Corps as a corporal in 2010 and is now a model, and believes that nude photos of her were also posted on the Facebook page.Audra told Marine Corps Times that she receives messages that generally say something like 'Where were you when I was in? 'She said that the scariest message she received was from a man who said he knew when and where she had deployed, and who asked if she would have sex with him.Again, expect a skype request but this time for “adult fun”. This poor schmuck isn’t after your money, passwords, or nudes.They just so happen to think they looked bangin’ in ’03.According to CNN, members have even taken to taunting federal and military investigators, with one writing: 'It would be hilarious if one of these FBI or (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) f***s found their wife on here,' on the original Marines United page.

Members of the group also shared a link to a cloud storage site containing more than 2,500 images of women in stages of undress or engaging in sexual acts.

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A secret Marines Facebook group that shares naked pictures and videos of unsuspecting female colleagues is still going, despite the investigation into hundreds of its members.

Kelsie Stone (pictured) broke up with her Marine boyfriend in 2016, and not long after received a text from a friend containing screenshots of the photos of her without clothes that had been posted to the page A report revealed that hundreds of Marines are being investigated by the U. Department of Defense for sharing explicit photos of their female colleagues in the lewd Facebook group.