Nubian dating

Among the objects are the famous (post-)Merotic quivers, scabbards, and wrist guards.

Why for example is the spearman holding his shield in front of his arm when such an arrangement is unnatural and completely pointless?

This is much less than we have come to expect from this company, and it is to be hoped that future sets will match their best standards and not those of this product.

The crown of a local Nubian king who ruled between the collapse of the Meroitic dynasty in 350 or 400 AD and the founding of the Christian kingdom of Nubia in 600 AD.

It was found in Tomb 118 at Ballana in Lower Nubia by the British Egyptologist W. Emery Nubia is a region along the Nile river located in what is today northern Sudan and southern Egypt.

Given the heat of their land, it is no wonder that Nubian clothing was minimal.

Most wore a kilt with a lappit over the groin, and perhaps a feather in the hair.

One pose is firing, and another is drawing an arrow, but the rest are not doing anything in particular.

The other weapons include a man with a dagger, another with a club, and a man with a dual-purpose weapon.

He has a spear over his head, and should be completed by cutting the curved back end off.

Alternatively the spear forward of the hand could be removed to make a figure holding a club. The chief is standing with a spear, but the rest are waving their weapons in a reasonable set of poses.

Our first thought when we saw this set was of the very first Ha T set - Mamelukes.